Will he notice my double chin?
I haven’t told him my age oh what a sin
Will he check my passport for my date of birth?
Or, shall I tell him regardless of age I have some worth
My grey hair may give me away
No time to dye it – what will he say
My saggy bum has fallen beyond repair
Oh Sod it if he doesn’t like it he can go elsewhere
We met some time back and got on well
He didn’t ask my age, that’s pretty swell
I defy science with my looks I am told
If only he knew I’m really very old
Wrinkles are showing in the morning light
If he stays over he will get such a fright
My hands are a give- away Oh the ravages of time
They resemble a train track I’m sure they’re not mine
Our date tonight is exciting and scary
I’m just in the fridge making a Bloody Mary
I’m drunk now and feeling quite woozy
Maybe I’ll invite him into my Jacuzzi
He’s here now I have to go
I’ll try to take things very slow
If he heads for the hills when he knows our age is no match
His loss, as I am a very good catch!



Hidden in the shadows he knows where she is
He borrowed her time, just for a while
It wasn’t real – it wasn’t love
Obsessive and possessed mental assault
Erotomania and fixation
Stalking is for the young; isn’t it?
When will the gifts stop?
She must pity this perpetual nuisance and pray he finds solace in his menial life
Has divorce and separation created this threat to the lonely and delusional?
She can empathise, but, cannot condone this behaviour
Where, when, does it end? Is there no pride?
Or, should we pity these mortals who have no love or friendship?


Tender caress in the deep of the night
Feeling secure, and oh so right
Loving thoughts portrayed from the heart
Dependable gestures from one who is smart

Far away places exotic and exciting
Delicate fragrance softly inviting
Holding back desire and temptation
Honestly saving loves foundation

Dovetailed as one is rare to find
A life of searching, completeness of mind
Overflowing with love, desperate to share
Not to forsake love – just being fair

At times in loves life – temptation is sin
Strength and pride comes from within
Body and soul united forever
Leaving this world untouched by others’
Portrays the deepest love, of true lovers…