Cerebral Sadness

Troubled Soul

Red hot spikes souring – his mind is in a catatonic state

His cerebral cover fighting for air, he wants to breathe again

How did this fragile being come to this?

Is this the doing of evil or, just a beautiful mind gone haywire?

Highly charged electrons sabotaging his brain – chaotic thoughts

Head bursting in emotional pain, anger and frustration

Childhood memories of love, freedom and joy

Playing in his meadow of wild flowers and running with nature

So much joy and sanity then

Where did it go wrong? Was it an outside force of evil, or is it

The way of this uncertain world?

Questions, questions!

Every tomorrow has two handles

You can take hold of the handle of anxiety or the handle of renewed wisdom

Upon your choice so will be the day!




Hidden in the shadows he knows where she is
He borrowed her time, just for a while
It wasn’t real – it wasn’t love
Obsessive and possessed mental assault
Erotomania and fixation
Stalking is for the young; isn’t it?
When will the gifts stop?
She must pity this perpetual nuisance and pray he finds solace in his menial life
Has divorce and separation created this threat to the lonely and delusional?
She can empathise, but, cannot condone this behaviour
Where, when, does it end? Is there no pride?
Or, should we pity these mortals who have no love or friendship?