African Woman



Legend has it that Black Aggie haunts the London Underground

Her ghostly figure floats up and down from Baker Street to Westminster

Commuters have seen her and screamed with fear, without a sound from their wide open mouths

Terrified they run and hide and wail with fear

She is seen hovering in mid-air at the Station Clock

Who is she waiting for, and why here?

Fables from time gone by say she was the mistress

Of an eminent English Lord who scorned her for a white Beauty

In 15th Century Africa the curse of an abandoned Sorceress would be the demise

Of any would-be Lothario or Debauchee

Her black Magic spell was cast as he paraded at the station with his new love

Just beneath the station clock she watched him fall

Her laugh echoed across ancient lands

The Goddess of hell fire – will forever haunt THAT DEAR OLD LORD…