Beyond our skins

To a place where dreams begin

Though your lips are no more than a kiss away

A future together is besieged with fear, and yet, I ache for you

We are ghost lovers of a time gone by, prisoners sharing insanity

Sometimes, you are simply two cups of tea, one for you and one for me

A melody of musical strings beat quietly and compassionately

There is no other for me – music is the only passion in my life

To clear my confusion of how a good wife should be

I will remember you always, and take you to

A place where dreams began

A war of lust and love

Confusion and turmoil besiege my mind

Though your lips are no more than a kiss away

And your name tastes of desire just like a child wanting cake

For the silence in my eyes can’t confess

If we could go through our days entwined together as lovers’ should

Instead, my chastity is locked away – my repulsion of the ‘act’ haunts me

Makes this time such a lonely place

My love for you is pure


I love your mind

But lust…!










  1. wendystrohm says:

    This is so beautiful Carolynn

  2. caroray78 says:

    Thank you so much Wendy. See you Wednesday x

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