His burning desire to de-flower his new bride
Longing like a lost name
Thrust aside your disgust my chosen one
Allow this male domain exploding with testosterone into the warmth
Of your empty vessel
Enflamed passion is bursting like Dante’s hell
That no tongue has learnt to tell
Cast aside your fear my love, I will be as gentle as a Mother’s love
Jurassic pebbles large or small
Will keep our secret to eternity
Just like the moon and stars – they will not tell either
Be free to explore our nakedness and wild desire
The promise you made was to love me, not just from your head and heart
Your body, so beautiful, nubile and pure
Will melt our love into a silent pool of passion
Dovetailed, we will go on through the universe, not riddled with the smell of fear or calamity
But, my love, we will dance like new budding flowers
The colour of true love and joy