A life time has passed since I last saw your face
Your beauty and strength still haunt me
I wonder where you are today – flying high somewhere in this great universe
I carry your broken heart in my pocket, next to mine
The pain I caused is alien now
If I could travel back in time and mend our shattered dreams…I would
Your pride is immeasurable – too big to forgive. And yet, I am just a whisper away
Why did I leave a comfy chair for a rickety old box?
I have no answer; just regret
Do you recall my love, our life-time pact?
I hear your mellow voice telling me you will be with me in spirit always
We dovetailed like a baby in a mother’s womb; inseparable
Were you blessed with deep love again…did she touch your Soul?
Did she make you laugh; did she do that silly Charlie Chaplin walk; did she?
Today, I long for your love again; just like Dante’s dream
I am without your love, but love knows no laws
This confession may never reach you
The possibility of reconciliation gives me a glimpse of heaven
The impossibility, Dante’s hell…