Misunderstood by her peers at times – they don’t know her like I do
She’s like a newborn baby – as pure as gold
A sapling waiting to burst
A Philanthropist in the making – Socrates blind hope, pouring of her thoughts freely
Infectious smile and a rainbow of pretty colours
A breath of fresh air – unaffected, and yet, sometimes wild
Her antics are funny and a bit wacky
A mass of human goodness who would sacrifice her heart for the underdog
Each brave soldier laid to rest in the Somme – a terrible war. She stood at their graves and wept.
Her understanding of pain, and others’ sorrow and misfortune, is rare in one so young
Her expression of love is abundant, a scattering of bright stars from the abyss
Maybe she’s a carnation of a Celestial Soul, not from now, from then
Too knowing for a child
Her talents are endless, high jump, low jump, this and that
With a voice like an Angel and yet, she’s humble and full of self-doubt
Her selfless love is our salvation
We are blessed to have her in our lives