The road to hell is gridlocked again
I have to be there soon and use my pen
Coffee machine is slow in warming up
Damn old thing – I’d better brew up
Answer phone machine is chock-a-block
Full of nonsense – the punters flock
Boot up computer; crashes first go
Damn old thing – oh so slow
The dross pile in, in their droves
Have you got a cheap house with a posh post code?
Do you have a deposit or a house to sell, or are you non-dependent
If so, that would be swell
The phone is ringing the people come
I have to work out a deal sheet with the correct sum
5% max is all I can give
They ask for more, just a few quid
They beg and borrow with the mortgage man
Please madam they muse; I’m on a credit ban
Well, Sod Off Mr, you’re wasting my time
Come back when I have retired, probably at nine
Corporate company – big bosses and yields
Have you reached your target out in the field?
The new boy arrives all sheepish and green
His name is Gregory and he is quite keen
Theatrical persona with steely blue eyes; says he’s a comic
God, I want to vomit.
He’s as wet as water but desperate to please
He’s only on a temporary contract and think he has flees
My job is demanding and stressful today
I only stick it for my pittance of pay
Please lottery Angel give me a chance
I can then retire and live in France