Angel Heart 2


I watched her face in the February morning mist

She seems quite old, and a little remiss

She fumbled with arthritic hands to open her missive

Who has sent me this she retorted, a little dismissive

Where are my specs she muses with laughter?

If it’s from old Tom Parker, I know what he’s after

What does it say Mum, please do tell

She read it out loud, oh, what the hell

She paused for a moment with a tear in her eye

It’s only from my long lost love – Billy Blythe

You never mentioned him Mum, was he a mate

No, my dear – he was my soul mate

So, what happened, why did he leave?

I married your father it was a better deal

That’s not fair; you went for money, not love

No, no, my dear child,  it wasn’t the case

Your granddad decided, said he would be a more suitable mate

We were young and frivolous, knew nothing about life

So, Billy Blythe married Veronica Rice

We always knew we were right for each other

And one day in our lives we would be together

50 years on after searching the globe

I’ll walk down the aisle wearing a velvet robe

Tender words danced off the page

How are you my friend – I do hope you are fine

My wife, sadly has gone now, but we did have a good time

I have missed you all of my life my sweetheart true

Finally, I am free to be with you








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  1. wendystrohm says:

    I want to know what happens next!

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