BELFAST CONFETTI. Written by 16 year old Henry for his gcse’s

I awoke. The silence was deafening. I found myself in a room, a plain room. What had happened last night? The distant memory of the shrilling thuds of bombs which were tearing apart the night sky. My thoughts had abandoned me. Dare I move? My cold, weak body clambered to sit up. I sat on the bed and rubbed my eyes, took a sniff, and the stench was like being at the slaughter house. I longed for answers but nothing came. I felt trapped. Stuck. Alone.
As I stuttered round the room my feeble feet could not withstand the weight of my broken body. I clung to the window ledge for support and peered through the shattered glass into a curtain of darkness filled with smoke and ash. Huge mounds of rubble were piled up; it reminded me of when dad used to take me to the junk yard (before we lived here- in Turkey). But boy was this no junk yard.
9am and I ventured outside. There were confused, innocent civilians everywhere like ants in an ant-nest. Panic. Confusion. Bodies. Everywhere. I took a step back and decided to take myself to my place, my happy place. I closed my eyes and lost myself in heaven; an iron curtain shut out the world. But, suddenly, something threw me off balance like a hurricane. A blast, bang! Immediately I was on alert and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up like meerkats. Shouts, shots, sirens. Before I had time to think, the sounds of violence and battle were grinding though the morning dust…penetrating my innocent ear with deafening shrieks.
Fragments of sharpened glass rained down terror onto the broken streets. Bricks were fired out of buildings. Crash, crunch, crackle as they collided with the fleeing civilians. Whole buildings fell to their knees slamming violently into the ear. No Mercy. Blinded by the darkness I hid underneath a battered bus shelter. Fire engulfed the city. I was trapped. Stuck. Alone.
12pm, noon. I had escaped the devilish hell of earlier but this was no paradise like mum had promised. I longed for home and to be with my parents. I still had so many questions but nobody to answer. I was trapped. Stuck. Alone. The midday heat was really taking its effects on me-my head was pounding like a war drum. The sun’s rays beamed down on me as if the gods were trying to strike me down. They dazzled, in front of my eyes as I was temporarily blinded by venom rays shot down from above. “Cruel sun!” I bemoaned in vain as I knew there was no way out. My life… gone. Thoughts and emotions, trapped, in dark corners of my mind.
The Arabian Desert heat had begun to take its toll on me before I arrived at the outskirts of a nearby town. As I crept through the narrow streets I like a disease. A foreign organism, out of place, in a world where I did not belong. Engulfed my confusion, a fired missile struck me on the back of the head. I collapsed. Darkness. Death? My eyes closed as I slammed violently into the ground. I winced. Jaggered spikes dug into my arm. I lay there silently.
Suddenly, a shaft of light punctured through the rubble. I could make out shouts from emergency workers. The light seemed to increase my pain as blood tricked down my face. Hands tore through the rubble to come to my rescue like the fingers of a giant picking up lego. They gripped hold of me as I soared up towards the light. A sense of freedom washed over me like a wave breaking over a Caribbean beach. As I was placed on the ground by the rough hands; I tried to understand the insanity around me: children bellowed; sirens roared; a country brought to its knees by idealistic terrorism. I slumped down. My world broken. I was trapped. Stuck. Alone.


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  1. wendystrohm says:

    Wonderful. Talented Henry!

  2. caroray78 says:

    Thank you Wendy. I’m a very proud Grandmother!

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