H2o – a commodity we take for granted, when it flows freely into our homes
After two days without it – I never realised how precious it is
Clear, colourless, and tasteless, it moves like a tribal war dance, rushing faster and faster, as the tap is turned. Whooshing sounds comfort us as our sub-conscience transports us back to the safety of the womb, and a Mother’s love
And then…silence
The ‘Ice Monster’ came in the night to ebb the flow, to warn us of its value
It was a lesson for the learning – to know when to respect nature’s mystery
We bathe, shower, boil, cook, clean our teeth, wash clothes daily, and yet, we have no respect for this priceless gem
Holy Water in the stoup; a spiritual cleansing for our off-spring – a privilege
In Ancient Rome, Thermae (from Greek thermos “hot”) were facilities for bathing. I wonder if they considered its worth.
A God-given gift; free, for the good, the bad, and even the ugly. But, why not for the dry and barren earth in some quarters. Why? I cannot answer; I can only hope that the golden stuff will flow for them too
From this day forward I promise I will conserve, protect, and respect this liquid gold…and, so should you!