A promise to myself that I must keep

No more good girl – and rather less sleep

I’m going to live my life and get drunk often

No more softness, I’m going to be rotten

Eat what I want, and end up round

I don’t care, if I gain a few more pounds

I shall scream at shop assistants if they look at me wrong

I will dance naked, and sing an old song

Hairdressers are my enemy – they talk too much

Are you going out tonight? they assume as such

Premium rate agents, had better not ring after three

I will leave them hanging, and go and make a cup of tea

White Van men, you’d better watch your step

You try to  tailgate me and I’ll break your n***!

I will dye my hair red, white and blue, and wear wacky clothes

Who cares if people stare – I will retort, mind your nose

When I’m stopped by the police for driving erratically

I will blow them a kiss and  bid an apology

They will breathalyse me for certain and escort me to the nick

I will laugh hysterically and probably shout p****

My children will disown me and choose my old age home

Oh bugger it, at my age I’m allowed a good moan

When sobriety comes but my head still hurts

Oh my god, I don’t remember losing my skirt

Embarrassed I feel, but not for long

On the way home I will sing an old song

One good thing about your dotage years

You can get away with murder without any fears

I’m tucked up now in my old armchair

Very cosy and warm, but you should see my tatty hair

I’m a bit of a relic with fading grey skin

My children really do want to put me in the bin

I bore them – I love them – they shouldn’t be sad

I’m quite alright, only a bit mad

2013 is going to be a very good year – I will be naughty

After all, I’m way over forty

My message to my compatriots is; don’t delve in what’s gone

Enjoy your life, have fun and cheer, most of all, I wish you all



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  1. Bart Wolffe says:

    You’re too young to be wearing purple xx

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