Collection of family and friends mingle at this time of year

Some we have known a lifetime, others, are fresh, just picked

Abundance of festive frivolity adorn our little space

Out homes are filled with laughter, warming our inner being

The holly is a token of love and joy – mistletoe, a gift for lovers, to kiss and embrace new beginnings

Turkey and chestnut stuffing feed our appetite for life

Mulled wine is offered for the season of goodwill

Pudding, pies, and starry eyes overflow with decadence

Glittery attire with patent shoes – bow ties, and spice – everything is very nice

But, remember this; we are the lucky ones, not the forgotten and damned

God’s plan didn’t reach the alienated and poor. Why? We’re not sure

Raise your glasses, open your heart, say a little prayer for all human kind

Share your gifts and you will be gifted

Not forgetting absent friends…