Dear Mr Bald Eagle

For such a big-footed and powerful bird, I’m surprised you crumble when you hear the echo of metal across the sky

Remember your roots in Babylonian times – a symbol of war, a warrior

Roman coins and medals bear your inscription – you must have left an impression on their hearts

Your beautiful feathers and curved talons, a sight to behold

I beg of you now to be brave and bold

You are monogamous, which is rare – if only the human kind could take a leaf

Maybe then hearts would be less scarred

I’m only a little sparrow with spindly legs and a tiny breast

I preen myself and take a dust bath now and then

I’m a social bird who has a pure heart – I’ll sing along to the joy of the world

Come on big bird, it’s time to change – shed your feathers and escape to a new phase

Good will come if you realise your dream – embrace the opportunities of the universe

Fight those poachers and their poisoned meat, be one leap ahead in your flight

Show the world you are strong, and me, little sparrow, will help you along…