The hole in my shoe is bigger today – please Mum, when is pay-day?

Need a new frock to go to the dance – you did promise a week in advance

Sarah Montgomery has a brand new car – will dad call today to see how we are?

What time is dinner, I’ll turn on the stove – or is it a day it will be something cold?

There’s a man at the door he looks quite official – shall I tell him you’re out, then give you a whistle?

Pot of tea and the mail all on a tray – thank you children nice gesture today

Open it now Mum it might be a cheque – if you leave it till later, you’ll be a nervous wreck

Electricity and gas, they’ve timed that alright – put them in the hat we’ll juggle them tonight

Nevermind Mum it won’t be forever, when I grow up I’ll be really clever

Find a good job, put money in the bank

Drive up in my Rolls so you can swank

That’s my boy you’ll proudly say – and, no more of, when is pay-day!