Look out – here comes the devil in tights

She’s fiery and fair with a cheeky stare

A voice like velvet – but nothing like Elvis

She rebels and sighs and never gives in to bribes

She has a mind of her own, and wears wacky clothes

Nothing ever matches – she couldn’t give a cactus

Backward rolls and cartwheels galore

A gymnast in the making – she will be top drawer

She dances all day, and has to have her say

Morning, she rises with knots in her hair

Shoves it in a pony-tail – as she doesn’t care

Her name is Amelia – Millie for short

I’m sure one day she will end up in court

Strong willed and determined of that I am certain

She’s a beautiful child – but, never meek and mild

Her smile could launch a thousand ships, bright and vibrant, but hardly silent

Her heart is kind, loving and real – she’ll knock you sideways if you call her Pearl

She’ll grow one day – proper and right

However, for now, she’s the devil in tights!