Two mature ladies storming through the town

One in a ball gown – the other wearing a crown

The party was a blast, an absolute hit

Old Betty Bunker was stunned by the glitz

Daphne Davenport boogied to Tom Jones

Shirley Sharples staggered to The Rolling Stones

Raucous laughter could be heard from afar

Captain Dodger was swaying at the bar

Old stories being told – full attention was had

Apart from Mrs Piddler who had gone to the lav

Gossip and chatter went on until late

Poor Percy Pardon got into a fight – he was battered and bruised, and in a terrible state

You should have seen his former mate

Alas, the party was over and time to go home – all but one was standing alone

With a glint in his eye and a cheeky grin

Vinny Mctigue was always around when there was a free gin!